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Practical, reliable, and cost-effective ways
to help you, the overstressed caregiver.

Are you, or is someone you know, caring for an aging or frail parent or family member?

You’re in good company!

One in five adults are spending a significant portion of their day caring for an aging parent. That’s over 65 million people in the U.S. alone. The numbers aren’t any better in other parts of the world either. The good news is you’re not alone. Yet, it often feels that way.

This is where CareManity comes in to help you do more while showing you how to reduce the overwhelm, fear, and frustration that happens when caring for an aging parent or loved one. It happens to the best of us.

Let CareManity show you a better way.

What We Do

CareManity helps those who are on the journey of caring for an aging parent or loved one. It’s a long and stressful journey that can be filled with great joy and rewards too. Fear, frustration, emotional and financial strain can be reduced. Let us show you how.

  • CareManity gives you, the caregiver the tools, resources, and network vital to making every day just a bit easier

  • CareManity is shifting attitudes, ideas, and stigmas that empower families to provide better care, even through the most challenging times.
  • When you don’t know where to turn, CareManity gives you access to those who known how to help you thought the tough times.
  • CareManity knows the challenge of caring for a family loved one while you’re working full time, or even part time. Over 53% of us are afraid to share our stories with an employer for fear of retribution. We can show you how to get the help needed and still keep your job intact.
  • CareManity provides practical advice that takes the mystery out of the what ifs, even when you’re afraid of the what’s next.

  • CareManity helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when, with confidence.

You’re no longer alone.

When you’re starting down the path of caring for an aging parent or loved one, we’re all uncertain of what to expect next. The worst is when an emergency happens and we’re unprepared. Where do you turn when there is no one who understands what you, the caregiver is going through?

It can get hard fast. Unpaid leave from work, cost of care, and unexpected medical bills add up quickly. Over 40% of us will quit our job to care for an aging parent, and spend over 33% of our own income to supplement the cost of a parent’s care.

What We Do

CareManity shows you how to navigate through some of the toughest times you’ll face while caring for a parent or frail loved one. We’ve been there too, and know how to address, and even challenge some of the financial issues you’ll face over time.

CareManity has a unique viewpoint, and we cut to the chase fast. To help us help you, we constantly monitor, track and bring the best resources, tools, and expertise to enable you stay strong, and do well for those you love. Now, more then ever is when you need the right team you can trust to be honest and direct in what to expect. Let us show you how.

CareManity provides private consulting services and group coaching to organizations and individuals so that you can do more, well, and still keep your own life in tact.

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